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Flag: Haiti


Policy Instruments

Laws and regulations
Loi sur l'assistance légale (Loi No. 6-2018)

The law establishes a public administrative body (National Legal Aid Council) to provide economically and financially disadvantaged persons with free legal aid in Haiti. Such aid is applicable to all areas of law.

Laws and regulations
Loi sur l'État d'urgence

The law aims to protect persons and goods in case of natural disaster through intervention measures in case of natural catastrophe and the restoring of the situation after the emergency in Haiti. It contains dissemination of information and access to justice provisions.

Laws and regulations
Décret portant sur la Gestion de l’Environnement

This Decree defines the national policy on environmental management and regulates the conduct of citizens for sustainable development. It reconizes the every person's right to a healthy and enjoyable environment.