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Emergency Powers Act (No. 17 of 1987)

The law provides for matters relating to security during a period of emergency in Grenada.

Active transparency (articles 3 and 6)

If at any time it appears to the Governor-General that action has been taken or is immediately threatened by any person or body of persons of such a nature and on so extensive a scale as to be likely to endanger the maintenance of public order or the defence of Grenada or the maintenance of public safety or the defence of the community or any substantial portion of the community or any supplies or services essential to the life of the community, the Governor-General may, by Proclamation which shall be published in the Gazette, declare that a state of emergency exists in Grenada or any part thereof, whereupon the provisions contained elsewhere in this Act shall immediately have application. Regulations made under section 4 of this Act shall be published in the Gazette. If at any time it is impossible or impracticable to publish in the Gazette a Proclamation or regulations made in pursuance of this Act, it shall be lawful to publish such Proclamation or regulations by affixing notification thereof to public buildings, or distributing such notification to the public at large, or publicising the same by means of broadcasting or the press.