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Conservation and Protection of the Physical Landscape Act (No. 12 of 1997)

This act make provision for the conservation and protection of the physical landscape of The Bahamas and, among others, applies to any excavation, landfill operation, quarrying or mining of physical natural resources (such as soil, rock, quarry, fill or sand), the harvesting of protected trees and any excavation carried out by a person for the purpose of developing touristic and large scale luxury residential developments.

Participation in activities and projects (Sections 8 and 18) / Mining

Application for grant of permit to carry out excavation or landfill operations: The Director may, if he considers it necessary for the purposes of allowing any interested person to object in writing to the granting of a permit, give notice of the fact that he is about to consider whether any excavation or landfill operation should be carried out under the provisions of this Act, in not fewer than two issues of a newspaper published and circulating in The Bahamas at intervals of not less than three days. Every notice shall specify the purpose, location and size of the proposed excavation or landfill operation and shall state a date (which shall not be earlier than the seventh day after the date on which the notice was last published) on or before which any objection shall be made by any person interested. Every objection in writing received by the Director on or before the date stated in the notice, shall be considered by the Director before a permit is granted or refused.

Application for grant of licence to quarry or mine: The provisions on public participation applicable to any excavation or landfill opperation shall apply mutatis mutandis to quarrying or mining.