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Flag: Bahamas


Policy Instruments

Laws and regulations
Climate change and carbon market initiatives Act (No. 15 of 2022)

The objectives of this Act are to enable the Government to create incentives and implement initiatives to support the overall global target of greenhouse gas emissions reduction consistent with its Nationally Determined Contributions; to ensure compliance of the Paris Agreement, and to enable the

Laws and regulations
Environmental Planning and Protection Act (No. 40 of 2019)

This Act establishes the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection, provides for the prevention or control of pollution, regulates activities and the administration, conservation and sustainable use of the environment and connected purposes.

Laws and regulations
Ministry of the Environment Act (No. 39 of 2019)

This Act establishes the Ministry of the Environment in The Bahamas and sets out its responsibilities and those of the Minister. Among its functions, the Ministry shall publish environmental data and promote public participation in environmental matters.

Laws and regulations
Freedom of Information Act (No. 1 of 2017)

This Act aims to reinforce and give further effect to certain fundamental principles underlying the system of constitutional democracy such as governmental accountability, transparency and public participation in national decision-making, by granting the public a general right of access to inform