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Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda

The Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda ensures access to information and participation within the framework of the freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly and association. It also recognizes the rule of law and due process rights and foresees constitutional guarantees in case the aforementioned rights are infringed.

Access to information (article 12.2)

In the framework of the protection of freedom of expression, the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda includes the freedom to hold opinions without interference, freedom to receive information and ideas without interference, freedom to disseminate information and ideas without interference (whether the dissemination be to the public generally or to any person or class of persons) and freedom from interference with his correspondence or other means of communication.

Public participation (article 13)

The Constitution recognizes freedom of association and peaceful assembly, which are key enablers for public participation. Such freedom includes the right to peacefully assemble freely and associate with other persons and in particular to form or belong to trade unions or other associations for the promotion and protection of his interests.

Access to justice (articles 15, 18 and 19)

If any person alleges that any of the provisions of sections 3 to 17 (inclusive) of the Constitution has been, is being or is likely to be contravened in relation to him (or, in the case of a person who is detained, if any other person alleges such a contravention in relation to the detained person), then, without prejudice to any other action with respect to the same matter that is lawfully available, that person (or that other person) may apply to the High Court for redress.

Except as is otherwise expressly provided in this Constitution, no law may abrogate, abridge or infringe or authorise the abrogation, abridgement or infringement of any of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual hereinbefore recognised and declared.