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Access to Information Act (No. 21 of 2011)

The object of the Access to Information Act is setting a practical regime of the right to information for persons, in order to secure the access to information under the control of public authorities and promote transparency and accountability.

Right to access information (section 12)

It shall be the right of every Guyanese citizen or person domiciled in Guyana to obtain access to an official document.

Obligated entities (section 2)

“Public authority" means: the National Assembly; the Caribbean Court of Justice, the Court of Appeal, the High Court; the Cabinet; a Ministry; Local Democratic Organs; a company incorporated under the laws of Guyana which is owned or controlled by the State; a Constitutional Commission or any other Commission established by law; or a body corporate or an unincorporated entity in relation to any function which it exercises on behalf of the State; among others.

Time limits to provide the information (section 18)

The Commissioner of Information shall advise the applicant if the request is approved or denied within 60 days from the date the request is received.

Active transparency (section 8 and 9)

The Commissioner of Information shall in relation to a public authority cause to be published in the Gazette and in a daily newspaper circulating in Guyana:  a statement setting out the particulars of the organization and functions of the public authority, indicating  the decision-making powers and other powers affecting members of the public;  a statement of the categories of documents that are maintained in the possession of the public authority;  a statement of the material that has been prepared by the public authority for inspection by members of the public, and the places at which a person may inspect or obtain that material; a statement of the procedure to be followed by a person when a request for access to a document is made; among others

Oversight body (section 5)

The Commissioner of Information has the power to require a public authority to take any steps as may be necessary to secure compliance with the provisions of this Act.

Appeal procedures (section 43)

A person aggrieved by a decision of the Commissioner of Information under this Act may apply to the High Court for review of the decision.