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Legal Aid and Advice Act (No. 25 of 1976)

This act aims to make legal aid and advice in Trinidad and Tobago readily available for persons of small or moderate means, to enable the cost of legal aid or advice granted to persons to be defrayed wholly or partly out of moneys provided by Parliament. It includes legal provided to pursue legal proceedings before the Environmental Commission.

Legal Aid and Advice Authority (Section 3)

Composed of eight members appointed by the President. The Authority provides affordable legal advice and assistance on general areas of law to members of the public who are eligible. It shall maintain panels of Attorneys-at-law, Duty Counsel and mediators.

Legal Aid and Advice Fund (Section 5)

Consisting of amounts appropriated by Parliament and other amounts paid into the Authority.

Legal aid in civil actions (Section 20)

May be provided to any person meeting the established requirements. It includes aid provided in respect of proceedings before the Environmental Commission of Trinidad and Tobago.

Provision of legal advice (Section 37)

Foresees the provision to residents of oral advice on legal questions and includes help in preparing an application for legal aid and in supplying information required in determining the disposable capital and disposable income of the applicant but shall not include advice on any law other than the law of Trinidad and Tobago.