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Coastal Zone Management Act (No. 39 of 1998)

01/05/2000 Derechos: Información Participación Justicia Barbados

This Act provides for the more effective management of the coastal resources of Barbados, for the conservation and enhancement of those resources and for matters related thereto.

Legal Aid Act (No. 36 of 1997)

01/05/2000 Derechos: Información Justicia Jamaica

The Act makes provision for the establishment and operation of a co-ordinated legal aid system in Jamaica and establishes a Legal Aid Council to administer legal aid.

Environmental Management Act (No. 3 of 2000)

13/03/2000 Derechos: Información Participación Justicia Temas: Evaluación Ambiental Educación Ambiental Trinidad and Tobago

This act aims to promote and encourage among all persons a better understanding and appreciation of the environment, encourage the integration of environmental concerns into private and public decisions and ensure the establishment of an integrated environmental management system in Trinidad and...

Freedom of Information Act (No. 26 of 1999)

05/11/1999 Derechos: Información Justicia Trinidad and Tobago

The object of the Freedom of Information Act  is to extend the right of members of the public to access to information in the possession of public authorities by making available to the public information, and creating a general right of access to information in the possession of public...

National Disaster Management Act (No. 5 of 1998)

01/06/1999 Derechos: Información Participación Justicia Temas: Educación Ambiental Saint Kitts & Nevis

This Act provides for the effective management and control of disasters and related or incidental matters in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Environmental Health Services Act (No. 8 of 1997)

15/10/1997 Derechos: Información Justicia Dominica

This Acts provides for the conservation and maintenance of the environment in the interest of health generally and in relation to places frequented by the public in Dominica.

Conservation and Protection of the Physical Landscape Act (No. 12 of 1997)

26/05/1997 Derechos: Información Temas: Minería Bahamas

This act make provision for the conservation and protection of the physical landscape of The Bahamas and, among others, applies to any excavation, landfill operation, quarrying or mining of physical natural resources (such as soil, rock, quarry, fill or sand), the harvesting of protected trees ...

Natural Resources Conservation (Permits and Licenses) Regulations

20/12/1996 Derechos: Información Temas: Evaluación Ambiental Jamaica

These regulations set out rules and procedures regarding licenses and permits pursuant to the Natural Resources Conservation Act of Jamaica.

Environmental Protection Act (No. 11 of 1996)

05/06/1996 Derechos: Información Participación Justicia Temas: Evaluación Ambiental Educación Ambiental Guyana

This Act provides for the management, conservation, protection and improvement of the environment, the prevention or control of pollution, the assessment of the impact of economic development on the environment, the sustainable use of natural resources and other related matters in Guyana. 

Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (No. 107 of 1995)

30/09/1995 Derechos: Información Participación Temas: Evaluación Ambiental Belize

These regulations establish the processes involved in the preparation and evaluation of environmental impact assessments, including the requirements on public participation and public hearings.