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Leyes y Reglamentos

These regulations set out rules and procedures regarding licenses and permits pursuant to the Natural Resources Conservation Act of Jamaica.

Leyes y Reglamentos

This Act provides for the management, conservation, protection and improvement of the environment, the prevention or control of pollution, the assessment of the impact of economic development on the environment, the sustainable use of natural resources and other related matters in Guyana. 

Leyes y Reglamentos

These regulations establish the processes involved in the preparation and evaluation of environmental impact assessments, including the requirements on public participation and public hearings.

Leyes y Reglamentos

The Freedom of Information Act promotes maximum disclosure of information in the public interest, guarantees and facilitates the right of access to information of every person and provides for effective mechanisms to secure that right. 

Leyes y Reglamentos

The Act provides for disaster preparedness and emergency management in Jamaica.

Leyes y Reglamentos

This Act establishes a comprehensive legal and institutional framework for environmental protection in Belize.

Leyes y Reglamentos

This Act enables the orderly and progressive development of land and the proper planning of town and country areas in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Leyes y Reglamentos

The Act provides for the conservation of land in Saint Lucia and the establishment of the Land Conservation Board.

Leyes y Reglamentos

This Act makes provision for the conservation and maintenance of the environment in the interest of health generallv and in particular in relation to places frequented by the public. 

Leyes y Reglamentos

The Act establishes the Natural Resources Conservation Authority and sets out its functions, which include the effective management of the physical environment and the promotion of public awareness of the ecological systems of Jamaica and their importance to the social and economic life of the...