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Leyes y Reglamentos

La Ley establece la Política Nacional de Medio Ambiente de Brasil, sus fines y mecanismos, constituye el Sistema Nacional de Medio Ambiente y establece el Registro de Defensa Ambiental.

Leyes y Reglamentos

This act aims to make legal aid and advice in Trinidad and Tobago readily available for persons of small or moderate means, to enable the cost of legal aid or advice granted to persons to be defrayed wholly or partly out of moneys provided by Parliament.

Leyes y Reglamentos

The Act makes provision for the orderly and progressive development of land in both urban and rural areas and to preserve and for the grant of permission to develop land in Barbados.

Leyes y Reglamentos

The Act makes provision for the orderly and progressive development of land, cities, towns and other areas whether urban or rural, to preserve and improve the amenities thereof in Jamaica.

Leyes y Reglamentos

This Act provides for nature conservation in Suriname, including the procedure for declaring natural reserves. The Nature Conservation Commission may provide advice on the management of natural reserves. Criminal provisions are also included.