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Environmental Framework Act (No. 97 of 2020)

07/05/2020 Rights: Information Participation Justice Topics: Environmental assessment Indigenous peoples Suriname
The Environmental Framework Act contains rules for sustainable environmental management in Suriname. It aims to develop a national environmental strategy and planning for sustainable development under a coordinated approach.

Constitution of the Republic of Suriname

30/09/1987 Rights: Information Participation Justice Suriname

The Constitution of the Republic of Surinames highlights citizen participation and the construction of a just society. The State shall create the conditions for citizens to participate in a democratic and effective manner in the development process of the nation. The central authority shall...

Nature Conservation Act (No. 26 of 1954)

03/04/1954 Rights: Justice Suriname

This Act provides for nature conservation in Suriname, including the procedure for declaring natural reserves. The Nature Conservation Commission may provide advice on the management of natural reserves. Criminal provisions are also included.