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National Environmental Policy (2006)

07/04/2006 Rights: Information Participation Justice Topics: Environmental education Environmental assessment Trinidad and Tobago

The National Environmental Policy is prepared pursuant to Section 18(1) of the Environmental Management Act and includes provisions which seek to encourage the establishment of institutional linkages locally, regionally and internationally to further the objects of the said Act, an analysis of...

Certificate of Environmental Clearance Rules (2001)

13/06/2001 Rights: Information Participation Trinidad and Tobago

These regulations govern the issuance of certificates of environmental clearance in Trinidad and Tobago and set out requirements for Environmental Impact Assessments.

Environmental Management Act (No. 3 of 2000)

13/03/2000 Rights: Information Participation Justice Topics: Environmental assessment Environmental education Trinidad and Tobago

This act aims to promote and encourage among all persons a better understanding and appreciation of the environment, encourage the integration of environmental concerns into private and public decisions and ensure the establishment of an integrated environmental management system in Trinidad and...

Freedom of Information Act (No. 26 of 1999)

05/11/1999 Rights: Information Justice Trinidad and Tobago

The object of the Freedom of Information Act  is to extend the right of members of the public to access to information in the possession of public authorities by making available to the public information, and creating a general right of access to information in the possession of public...

Legal Aid and Advice Act (No. 25 of 1976)

19/06/1976 Rights: Justice Trinidad and Tobago

This act aims to make legal aid and advice in Trinidad and Tobago readily available for persons of small or moderate means, to enable the cost of legal aid or advice granted to persons to be defrayed wholly or partly out of moneys provided by Parliament.

Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

29/03/1976 Rights: Information Participation Justice Trinidad and Tobago

The Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago recognizes access to information and participation within the framework of the freedoms of expression, assembly and association. Constitutional guarantees are provided for in case of infringement of such rights and freedoms.