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Legal Aid Act (No. 6 of 2008)

04/04/2008 Rights: Information Justice Saint Lucia

This Act provides for the grant by the State of legal aid and advice to persons of insufficient means in civil and criminal cases in Saint Lucia.

Disaster Management Act (No. 30 of 2006)

06/10/2006 Rights: Information Participation Saint Lucia

The Act provides for the mitigation of, preparedness for, response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters in Saint Lucia.

Physical Planning and Development Act (No. 29 of 2001)

01/07/2003 Rights: Information Participation Justice Topics: Environmental assessment Saint Lucia

The Act makes provisions for the development of land, the assessment of the environmental impacts of development, the grant of permission to develop land and for other powers to regulate the use of land, and for related matters in Saint Lucia.

Land Conservation and Improvement Act (No. 10 of 1992)

18/04/1992 Rights: Information Participation Justice Saint Lucia

The Act provides for the conservation of land in Saint Lucia and the establishment of the Land Conservation Board.

Constitution of Saint Lucia

22/02/1979 Rights: Information Participation Justice Saint Lucia

The Constitution of Saint Lucia ensures access to information and participation within the framework of the freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly and association. It also provides constitutional guarantees in case the aforementioned rights are infringed.