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Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management Act (15 of 1993)

The Act provides for disaster preparedness and emergency management in Jamaica.


Active transparency (Section 13)

The Minister may make regulations in relation to the collection and publication of data pertaining to disaster mitigation preparedness and emergency management.

Participation in plans, programmes and policies (Section 5)

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management shall encourage and support disaster preparedness and mitigation measures in all parishes in collaboration with the local government authorities, community based organizations and the private and voluntary agencies. The Office will also be instrumental in stimulating public interest in disaster mitigation, preparedness and emergency management and in securing public cooperation and participation in achieving the planned objectives.

Environmental education (Section 5)

The Office shall provide appropriate training programmes and plan and implement programmes to enhance public awareness and understanding of disaster related issues, emergency management, hazard prevention and other similar matters.





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